Service Department

Helena RV services most any make and model recreational vehicle made. We have extensive knowlege in what it takes to repair most anything. Whether its an older model or close to new we can do the work to get you back on the road.

We do warranty work on most any recreational vehicle. even if you purchased else where. There are manufacturers that are not available in our local town, we have customers bring them in to take care of the repairs and have the manufacturers reimburse us for the the repair work, as long as the manufacturer authorizes the repair we will get it handled.

Below are just some of the RV services we offer, any additional parts and supplies needed are additional charges!

To schedule repairs and services give us a call or you can email us at: RV Service

RV Service Menu:

Appliance Check - $149.99

  • Inspect for proper Operation
  • Antenna
  • Furnace
  • Air Conditioning
  • Water Heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Range/Oven
  • LP Leak Test
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Awnings
  • Check TV for digital capability

Furnace Service - $199.99

  • Burner Assembly inspect & remove spider webs & debris
  • Clean orfice & adjust igniter as necessary
  • Clean combustion chamber & vents
  • Clean module board and contacts/connectors
  • Inspect burner flame & adjust gas or air pressure as necessary
  • Clean & adjust thermocouple if needed

Refrigerator Service - $99.99

  • Check & clean vents of obstructions for proper venting
  • Clean burner assembly & orfice adjust as necessary
  • Check temperature for proper cooling
  • Clean drain tube
  • Inspect door seals for proper sealing
  • Check LP pressure
  • Check battery voltage
  • Check operation on gas & electric
  • *Full day required for accurate temperature readings

Water Heater Service - $99.99

  • Inspect for maximum efficiency and safe operation
  • Inspect burner assembly for cobwebs/insects/corrosion
  • Flush tank to clean out sediment +$10.95 to keep flush wand
  • Inspect thermocouple
  • Inspect condition of anode rod
  • Clean and adjust burner
  • Clean orfice
  • Test pressure relief valve
  • Check LP pressure

Oven/Range Service - $69.99

  • Check LP pressure and adjust as necessary
  • Clean & remove debris from burner tubes
  • Teat all burners for proper lighting and flame
  • Test oven temperature and adjust if necessary
  • Clean and adjust oven pilot
  • Check thermocouple clean and adjust if necessary

Water System - $59.99

  • Water Pump Operation
  • City water operation
  • Check for leaks on the following: Faucets, Holding tanks, fresh water fill, showers, toilet and hot water tank
  • Line presure test
  • Check all gate valves

Battery Check - $34.99

  • One of the most important checks!
  • Load test battery
  • Add water as necessary
  • Remove and clean all terminals & cables, coat with anticorrsion protectant
  • **May require charge prior to load test, additional $19.99. 24 hours required

LP Inspection Service - $49.99

  • Inspect regulators and LP tanks
  • Perform leak test
  • Complete a line pressure test
  • Check all LP detectors


 Basic Winterization - $99.99

  • Drain lines & remove filters
  • Drain fresh & hot water tanks
  • Bypass hot water tank if equipped
  • Freeze ban all hot/cold water lines
  • Fill all traps
  • Test and fill fluid levels on all batteries
  • Includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze
  • **Additional items such as ice maker, dish washer, washing machine are $19.99 each additional charge.

De-Winterize - $49.99

  • Drain and flush Anti-freeze
  • Connect valves
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Un-Bypass hot water tank
  • Reinstall hot water plug
  • Reinstall customers water filter






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